The Future of Innovation Represents Our Survival

Tijuana, Baja California a 3 de agosto 2018

Por Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Rubio


When we refer to the term innovation it means a new way of doing something, anything, and anywhere. This term may mean making important changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. Innovation is a word that may mean an invention or adapting a product or service to the rapidly changes in areas like marketing, business administration, technology, etc. The art of innovating means the art of success and making things different by means of a change. A substantial difference to the original concept, not an insignificant change. This substantial change has an important meaning and this is that whatever innovative change is made, the end result is that this change must bring an increase in value: customer or producer value. We must understand that innovation must always bring about a positive change, making things better than before. If we want to increase productivity or wealth, innovation is the answer.

In any of the fields of study, innovation is an important mean of making positive changes. By this, we must understand that innovating is not a word by itself. It is not an output of any process. We tend to forget that innovation is a process by itself, where we have to focus right from the start:

  • The idea
  • The value chain and the process or transformation
  • The implementation of the process into a system
  • The system by itself

In past decades, people who invented or reassembled products or services with changes that made these as innovative changes, were called “pioneers”. In these new times where changes occur every minute, innovation has become a common word, since people are now demanding better products, better services and a better life. Without innovation, this world would be stagnant. The words productivity, efficiency, quality, competitive advantage, etc., mean that these are important factors required for the success of many companies that struggle to keep alive in this world of turbulence and rapid changes. Without innovation, nobody will survive.

Innovation may also mean the “addition of value”, but under certain circumstances, it could also have a negative result or even be destructive. Why is this? Because the “old” is giving way to the “new” and this means drastic changes from old organizational means and practices. The organization by itself must have in mind that changes and/or innovations are a must if it plans to continue living. No change or innovation, results in “sudden death”. The organization in this process must have in mind that any change involves risk. And risk can mean failure if a balance is not maintained and based upon a true business model in which to rely on.

«Often, in common parlance, the words creativity and innovation are used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be, because while creativity implies coming up with ideas, it’s the «bringing ideas to life» . . . that makes innovation the distinct undertaking it is.» Davila et al (2006)


Carlos Rodríguez Rubio

• Dr. En Administración de Empresas con énfasis en Negocios Internacionales. (United States International University, San Diego, CA, USA)
• MBA en Negocios Internacionales. (National University, San Diego, CA, USA)
• Ing. Químico. (San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA)
• Gerente General de industrias maquiladoras por más de 15 años.
• Certificado en SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT
• Capacitador Externo Certificado por la STPS
• Profesor/Investigador de tiempo completo del Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana
• Profesor/Investigador de tiempo completo de CETYS Universidad, Campus Tijuana
• Profesor visitante de universidades de México, Europa, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Sud América y el Oriente
• Profesor adjunto de universidades nacionales y extranjeras
• Conferencista a nivel nacional e internacional
• Autor de ensayos, investigaciones, artículos y libros en español e inglés
• Asistente del Dr. Igor Ansoff en su clase de Planeación Estratégica
• Asesor de empresas nacionales
• Presentación en una universidad internacional: Abril 19 del 2013, Haarlem University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, Holanda
• Presentación en la Universidad de Barcelona, España: Marzo del 2017: Mercadotecnia Global
• Conferencista con partidos políticos: Mercadotecnia Política 2013, 2014, 2015 y 2016)


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